Sun Tracking System DNI

  • EKO Instruments high precision sun trackers provide high tracking reliability, enhanced functionality with fully automated set up procedure through a built-in GPS receiver.
  • The compact sun trackers are perfectly suited to support all kinds of measurement sensors to measure global, diffuse and direct radiation.
  • The sun trackers come with a small tripod that offers a stable surface for the measurement equipment and adjustable pyrheliometer mount for the fine alignment.

From sun rise to sun set the compact EKO sun tracker guarantees accurate sun tracking and pointing of the attached solar sensors. Each system is equipped with an ISO 9060 First Class MS-57 pyrheliometer to measure direct normal irradiation. For measuring diffuse horizontal irradiation, the system is equipped with a shaded ISO 9060 Secondary Standard MS-80A pyranometer. The fully equipped system comes with a second MS-80A pyranometer for measuring global horizontal irradiation. According to your requirements the sun tracking system can be complemented with an Ammonit Meteo-40 plus data logger, as well as an external power supply and communication system.