Wind Vane Thies Compact POT

Wind Vane Thies Compact POT

  • Potentiometric wind direction transmitter
  • Full range 0 … 360°
  • High quality potentiometer 0 … 2 kΩ

Measurement principle

With the help of a potentiometer the physical property is converted into an analogue resistor output signal. At zero the transducer has to pass the „north transition“ between the margins of zero and 2 kΩ.

Wind direction signal conditioning and data processing in all Ammonit data acquisition systems carefully pays attention to this speciality.

The wind vane can be equipped with an electronically regulated heating system in order to prevent ice from the bearings. To use this heating the connection cable must have additional cores and you should provide a sufficient power supply (mains connection).

Data sheet:

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