Precipitation Sensor Young

Precipitation Sensor Young

Meets the specifications of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

  • Available in headted version for cold climates

Catchment area of 200 cm² and measurement resolution of 0.1 mm meet the recommendations of the WMO.

The design uses a proven tipping bucket mechanism for simple and effective rainfall measurement. The bucket geometry and material are specially selected for maximum water release, thereby reducing contamination and errors.

Leveling screws and bulls-eye level are built in for easy and precise adjustment in the field. Measured precipitation is discharged through a collection tube for verification of total rainfall.

Model S73100H is heated for operation in cold temperatures. An unheated version, S73100, is available for use in moderate climates. To discourage birds from perching on the funnel rim, accessory bird wire assembly may be attached to the gauge.

Location of rain gauge:

Precipitation measurement is greatly affected by location of the rain gauge. Select a location that is naturally protected from gusts and crosswinds. Avoid a site prone to contamination from debris such as falling leaves, dirt, etc.

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