Compact Weather Station Lufft WS300-UMB

Compact Weather Station Lufft WS300-UMB

  • Compact weather station for measurement of wind speed and wind direction (2D ultrasonic) or air pressure, temperature and relative
  • humidity
  • RS485 interface
  • MODBUS communication protocol

The Lufft compact weather stations with Universal Measurement Bus (UMB) are designed for recording environmental data. The WS series provides a comprehensive range of environmental sensors for recording wind speed and wind direction as well as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and precipitation. The compact weather stations in particular are outstanding due to their unrivaled price-performance ratio. The top-of-the-range model, WS600-UMB, incorporates sensors for temperature, humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed.

Wind data is measured by 2D ultrasonic. The measurement principle for temperature is NTC, air pressure and relative humidity are measured capactive.

The electrical connection for all UMB compact weather stations is made via a standard plug connector system. This keeps installation and service costs to a minimum. All UMB compact weather stations can be polled by means of a standard protocol. Once data polling has been incorporated for one sensor, additional sensors can be added by easy parameterization of the data polling system.

Channel-oriented sensor data polling delivers a large number of computed variables in metric and US format, hence there is no need for conversion by the user. Sensors can be configured, equipment tested and firmware updated with the free configuration software (UMBConfig-Tool).

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