Air Pressure Sensor Vaisala PTB110.2

Air Pressure Sensor Vaisala PTB110.2

  • Accuracy ±0.3 hPa @ +20 °C
  • Delivery including IEC 17025 calibration certificate
  • Accurate barometric pressure measurements at a room temperature and
  • General environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range

Vaisala BAROCAP® technology

The PTB110 barometric pressure sensor uses the Vaisala BAROCAP® sensor, a silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala for barometric pressure measurement applications. The sensor combines the outstanding elasticity characteristics and mechanical stability of single-crystal silicon with the proven capacitive detection principle.

Accuracy and stability

The excellent long-term stability of the barometric pressure sensor minimizes or even removes the need for field adjustment in many applications.


The PTB110 is suitable for a variety of applications, such as environmental pressure monitoring, data buoys, laser interferometers, and in agriculture and hydrology. The compact PTB110 is especially ideal for data logger applications as it has low power consumption.

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